Saturday, July 22, 2006


The night before last night, I had my first sleepover with my best friend, Kelly. The only way it could of been better, is if it lasted a little longer. We saw one movie (Sumo of the Oprea, Veggie Tales), played a gazillion games, went and picked up Daddy at the Metro Station at nine-something o'clock. During that, William and I taught her about fractuls. We talked about three. One is (as I call it) "William's Crosses", "Somebody-ski's Carpet" (Daddy, if you remember what his name was, plaese let me know!) and "The Dragon Curve". We showed her two pictures of fractuals, one was "William's Crosses" and the other was on the cover of a book, "The Dragon Curve". I should show you a picture of both sometime. We played "Careers", "Formula 1", "Dobule Mikado", and "Seafearers of Catan". We always were wodering whether it was time to go check if she could stay longer, but we did not have too! I just had a lot of fun. I want to have another one some time soon!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Not That Fair

My best friend was grounded for something she did not do, so I can't play with her today OR tomorrow! And I was hoping she could have a sleepover or even just come over for a little while. This is very sad.


Yesterday was Sabbath, and I had a lot of fun. William and I listened to the Prophecy Code while I painted. Then the Greenes came over. We ate supper which was home-made pizza! (very good) Then we sang several hymns. It was funny, we never sang any that weren't in the 300's. Then we played a very strange game of Settlers of Catan. The goal was to build a city on one of the golds that were near the end of the board. Also, you could put multiple roads on the same line. Mrs. Greene was getting tired so we rushed through it, but I would like to play it that way again. I wonder what will happen today!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I decided to start over. :) Have you ever gone to

It is a rather cool website in which you can your own pets, and name them, and feed them, and play with them, and all sorts of fun stuff. There is one spot where you can learn how too draw many different kinds of neopets, such as the

, the Jubjub, and the Mynci . My username is 06Beth and william's is 1992Boychild77.
I have two neopets.
06beth got their Neopet at

A Xweetok named Memieya.
06beth got their Neopet at

And a Ogrin named Chenaheehu.