Thursday, June 28, 2007

Silly bird!

That was too funny! William was slapping his leg, trying to get Riker to come to him, and then Peanut shouted "OW!". Its like he thought that William was hurting himself! Too funny....

Monday, June 25, 2007


We just returned from Chamber Music Weekend, and I am rather sore. William, my cousin Jo, and I went to a friend's house, and they had two horses! Jo and I were in our matching pinafores, and William was in his Sabbath pants and shirt, so Jo and I took off our outer pinafores and rode in our night-gown-like under dresses. Mine is long sleeved, and it was a very hot day. So you can understand we all needed a shower BADLY before the concert that night. They let us ride, and, as I am out of shape and haven't ridden in a while, I am very sore. But it was worth it. I used to take lessons, as you may remember, but that was dressage. They rode western, and you need a bit more "umph" in your movements. You don't just squeeze with you knees, you kick into the horses sides, etc. One of the super-duper cool things was I got the horse to trot all by my self!!!! And, another reason I am sore is I didn't post properly.. :(

The Concert Saturday night was wonderful! As was vespers. For vespers the division 2 orchestra played three pieces, the first movement of the Brook Green Suite, Appalachian Sunrise, and Contrasts in E Minor.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Interesting Statement

Yesterday I was looking through my history book, and I came across this sentence, which I thought was rather interesting. "Americans loved complicated ways of simplifying everyday life."