Friday, March 14, 2008

Playing fetch

Have you ever played fetch with a dog? I almost acidentaly trained Puddins how to play fetch with a hairband. I slide it across the floor, and she will chase after it and usually she will bring it back to me. She doesn't do it every time, but she does do it most of the time. She is very smart!

Good news and Bad news

William, Mommy, Daddy and are playing in an orcestra, and we aer having our first concert on sunday! I have gotten several things for the concert! (so has william. He got a mute) I got a mute, a dress, and shoes! I really needed new shoes. Mine were quite Tashi-torn and the leather was rubbing off. My new shoes are just black pumps, but they are my first high heeled shoes that aren't boots!
Daddy has shingles! This is bad. He is very contagious; a "walking death sentence" according to his blog. This is really bad because from now until easter, we have stuff going on every day. Please pray for him.
Yesterday, I accidently shut the drawer on Puddins' paw. She bit my hand because she was panicking. (she wasnn't the only one) Now I have one swollen finger and oone swollen knuckle. It's not infected, and it doesn't hurt too much, but it is very annoying. Thankfully, Puddins came out of it with out a scratch. She doesn't limp, and she still has all four feet. She has forgiven me too. I think she knows it was an accident.