Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So Cute!!

Soliel decided that it would be a good time to take a nap, and obviously she told this to Charlie somehow. Because as soon as she got comfortable, he started talking softly to her. He used to say things like "hello, peek-a-boo, tick tick tick" etc., when he would take a nap. I think he did this to kind of sing himself to sleep, so it was so sweet that he would lull Soliel to sleep too!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Worst January

This must be one of the saddest Januarys of my life! We had to put Tiba down last night, and now we only have 5 cats! And it is only 19 days till my birthday!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What's wrong?, Why now?, and Thank you.

Tiba has been favoring her legs recently. I just noticed today. We don't know what happened, or what is wrong. She is having a hard time walking, and she can't jump at all. She was just fine a few day ago.....

When Mommy and I were out shopping around 10:00, We got a call from Daddy. He said he was not feeling well and he wanted to go home. Whenever someone says they are not feeling well, my heart stops then starts to race. Poor Daddy. He was not feeling good to his stomach. Mommy still has asthma like symtoms, and she does not have the strengh to take care of Daddy.

I do have something to be thankful about. Mommy and I spent the first hours of the day shopping for clothes for me. I have grown a lot since we last bought stuff, so everything was getting VERY SMALL. We got FOUR PAIRS OF JEANS!!!!!! And all of them fit! We also got a very nice jacket, and a turtle neck to go underneath. The jacket reminds me of a riding habit. it is brown plaid, suitish style. We also got me some high heel boots!:)