Friday, November 30, 2007

Peanut Training Day 1

Started : 8:31 am
Finished: 8: 45 am

I started with trying to teach him how to show me that he has chosen a plate. I held a plate and a small piece of bread. I showed him the bread, and then put it on the plate. When he reached for it, I gave him the piece of bread.
I did this test twice, and each time he reached for it immedietly.

Next, I tried it with a cup on top, to see how well his memory worked. I wanted to see if he could remember that there was a treat under the cup. If he reached for the cup, then I would hand him the treat.
I did this three times. The first time he hesitated, but later he reached for it imediatly.

The third test was with two plates, but no cups. I put one small piece of bread on one of the plates, and nothing on the other one. ( I let him see me put the treats on, as always.)
I did this twice. He always picked the plate with the treat, whether it was on the left or the right.

The last test I did today was very tricky. I had two plates, and two cups. I showed him me putting the treat under the cup, then I would offer him the plates. Hopefully, he would choose the plate with the treat under the cup.
I did this three times. Twice he got it wrong, bu the last time he figured it out.